NuTheorie Studio – Renovation

Task: Renovation of the studio & the whole 3D department.
Assembly of workstations, purchase of high quality equipment, research, development and optimization of pipeline, automatization, coaching of colleagues, execution of full 3D pipeline from start to finish.

My drive for improvements was fueled by the will to provide a maximum value to the students, who where buying our driving theory course prior to their official theory exam.

In October 2020 I received an offer from NuTheorie, to join their team as a Video editor. During my visit to the studio, I discovered a lot of potential.
In my opinion, the whole driving course industry was in need of significant upgrade. I made it my personal goal and mission to renovate the studio and driving course industry with it. At first, I planned out and soundproofed a greenscreen studio. I then continued by ordering high-quality studio equipment, software and assembling our high-end work stations. After receiving a premission from CEOs to upgrade our 3D department, I went all the way out! Everything had to be optimized, automated and developed from scratch, to make the pipeline pleasant to work with for the whole team. Vast amount of assets was created and implemented. During the development & production phase I had the chance to assist and coach my colleagues. I had a lot of joy doing so and it was a pleasure to share my knowledge and seeing them grow. By that time, I have been positioned as Lead 3D Artist and Technical director.

At the end of development cycle, scene creation became very easy and ituitive for all colleagues. It was achieved thanks to implementation of custom Assets & Material library manager, that I helped to develope by suggesting my ideas about it’s potential functionality to a team of developers in Australia. Our “Core” scene had all the necessary settings to change seasons, weather & lighting conditions with ease. We used a wide variety of techniques and solutions to achieve our goals. Thanks to all the above, our render-ready scenes became just a couple of megabytes in size, and our loading times became blistering fast. VR capability have been implemented as well.