F-16C Viper

Task: Modeling & UV (Exterior)
Created for next-generation flight simulator – NOR Platform

After completing G-120TP I have received a new assignment to create the most accurate exterior model of F-16C Viper. To speedup the process I have received a photogrammetry, unfortunately due to high reflectivness of F-16C surface used in photogrammetry, the quality of the output mesh was very low. It did give me reasonable information on the dimensions of the plane. Blueprints where of no use due to high amount of inaccuracies. For that reason I had to use a lot of reference material on top of photogrammetry and use specular highlights as a reference for high precision modeling.
Closer to the end of the project, team was able to find a matte painted F-16C in a museum. After receiving the new photogrammetry, I did go once again over the whole plane from front to the end to fine-tune minor mismatches in surfaces of the plane, and the plane model became perfect in it’s shape!

NOR Platform – Trailer

Commissioned by Meta Immersive Synthetics & Heatblur Simulations