Panic Room #13

The PanicRoom is PostPanic’s bi-annual inspiration evening held both in Amsterdam and around the world. With high-profile, creative industry speakers and an audience hand-picked to represent the best in Amsterdam’s creative community, the evenings have achieved cult status worldwide with tickets much sought after. Creating the idents for each event has therefore become something of a prestigious challenge for our PanicProgram members. These ones are made by Dutch director Guido Ekker.

Production Company: PanicProgram

Director: Guido Ekker
DOP: Jeroen Kiers
Producer: Liene Berina
Actors: Oleg Kovalev,Ditmar Marlin
Props/Wardrobe: Vincent Mensink, Elisabeth Ruijgrok
Sounddesign: Gijs Den Hartogh
Music: Einar Sv. Tryggvason
Visual Effects: Guido Ekker, Dimos Hadjisavvas
UI Design: Doma Harkai
Camera Assist: Vincent Boudewijn
Drone Operator: Sjoerd van den Bersselaar